Musical Mondays

I'm trying to get better about posting. I'm a fan of alliterations, so Musical Mondays it is!

Music has been a critical component of my life. I grew up with great artists such as Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel on repeat in my house. I've been dancing since I was three, my brother is a phenomenal musician and my sister is a jack (jill?) of all trades when it comes to performing, singing and dancing. I like to sing (key point: like to sing, not necessarily good at singing) and I love all types of music.

Today's feature is a song that has been on repeat all day yesterday and today. I love its simplicity, just vocals and guitar, and I LOVE the video concept. The lyrics are beautiful and feel old-timey romantic, so I think the video is a good fit. Plus, the choreography is amazing!

Ed Sheran-Thinking Out Loud