PINteresting Projects to try in 2015

There is no doubt that I'm addicted to {Pinterest} and I could (and have) literally pinned things for hours. The problem with Pinterest is that it becomes a pretty board to look at, and I never end up making any of the projects. I've tried a few recipes and use the party planning tips (hot chocolate bar for Christmas Party? check done!), but some of the craft projects need to be tried!

A few to look forward to in 2015:

A simple beginner skirt from Shrimp, Salad, Circus

If I had my way,  I would wear skirts and dresses every day of the year. However, Northeastern winters and a budget make that a bit tricky! I am a novice sewer, so I would love to up my skirt collection with some of my own creations!

DIY Plush Headboard from She Said

I still don't have a headboard for my bed and have been saying I would make one for a while now....I should get on that.

While not technically a Pinterest project, I am WAY behind on my phonebook collections! I still need one from my summer hike through Spain, my graduate school program, not to mention my study abroad semester!

I'll start with those three and see how they go!