2017 in Photos

My 2017 Year in Review post ran away from me a bit (see what I did there.. :P), but I still wanted to overview my year and some things that happened. So I give you, a year in pictures

January: I ran, I cooked, I grad schooled. That about sums it up. Oh, and I registered for my first half-marathon.

February: Sheep came to visit me and we played with the alligators (jk we didn't play with them Mom), I grad schooled a LOT more, and then we fled to Disney for our first friend trip to EPCOT for the 1st Annual International Festival of the Arts

March: Spring break took me to St. Augustine, Hilton Head and down to Orlando for two solo days at Disney, then back to school with St. Patrick's Day and birthday celebrations featuring lots of cupcakes, up to Tallahassee for a visit with Christie and a policy trip, and then back to Disney for a March babies birthday bash! Man, I didn't realize March was so packed!

April: April started with a UNC National Championship, brought me to NC for a bestie wedding shower and ended at UNC for a mini college reunion day. Clearly there was a theme for April.

May: May started in Nashville, returned me to school for summer semester one for some wine bar, beach trips, Cinco de Mayo, and, of course, a Disney day (Magic Kingdom this time)

June: June was maybe my favorite month. Summer semester one winded down, Christie and I visited some elephants, and then I jet setted up to New England for M+M's wedding weekend, a trip to Acadia National Park and a few beautiful summer days in Boston. The month ended getting to see my childhood best friend in St. Augustine for her engagement party!

July: July was a month of growth, coming down from a travel high in June. Relaxation at home, at the beach and some unexpected and interesting conversations with friends, new and old.

August: August was a turning point. We said goodbye to summer break and also to my grandmother. I missed my first class of second year, the day of the eclipse, while I was with family, and was privileged to spend that day reflecting on her amazing nearly 98 years as I wrote her eulogy. August sort changed the year, and the rest of the semester sort of took a similar note.


September: September kicked off with a labor day weekend to see my Philly friends (a.k.a. the Vern Girls) in Baltimore, and then Florida basically closed for about 2 weeks with the coming, duration and aftermath of Hurricane Irma. The rest of the semester felt off because of it, but we rallied and ended September to the best of Fall in Florida, the EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival!

October: I started helping with Life Teen and R.C.I.A. at my church in September, but things really picked up in October! We had a White House/Gurlzzzz (college friends) reunion up in Boston and then did all the Halloween things! In between was grad school, research and more grad school.

November: I'm still not sure how November happened. I spent more days out of town then in town, and still managed to submit final projects for classes. I spent an AMAZING week in Disney with my parents for our Annual Food and Wine trip, ran my first half-marathon with my friend Katie during the festival, and even got my brother and his girlfriend down to enjoy the festivities! Then it was off to our annual state conference where I got to present with my awesome classmates for the first time. There was a solid week of work before Thanksgiving break in Hilton Head, then a solid 5 days (lol) of work before I was back in Disney (If I bought an annual pass, I was making it worth my while!) with my best friend Meghan, and OH, did we live it up for 4 days, taking me into December. Only downside (besides basically never sleeping), was I broke my phone the night after the half. Thankfully, there is a Verizon store near Disney World.

December: Coming down from the Disney high with Meghan, we powered through the final week of class and final papers before "officially" beginning winter break. I Christmas/Advented it up with my church friends, won an Ugly Sweater Contest at the awesome 4th Annual Jesus Birthday Bash, and then it was off to Crown Town for a few weeks of Christmas cheer with the family!


Looking back, there was a lot in 2017. A lot of travel. A lot of Disney (listen, I don't know if I'll ever live this close again, I'm living it up while I can!).  A lot of grad school, and beach trips, and trying to be a Floridian. And a lot of opportunities to see friends who live all over the country, because we made it a priority. Believe me, that part is difficulty, scheduling wise, time wise, financial wise, but man, it was worth it this year. I do have some specific goals going into 2018, but man, I hope I make some great memories along the way this year too.